Thursday, 10 April 2014

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How did you attract/address your audience?

When creating my magazine, I attracted and addressed my audience in a variety of ways through themes, layouts, features, colours and many more.

Firstly, I attracted and addressed my audience through my chosen models. My main model, Sydonie Spiers helped highlight that the magazine was for young females. Because she is attractive and appealing, it meant audiences may look up to her and be interested in the magazine article on her. Her facial expression on the front cover is serious which connotes independence and strength. This could be one of the reasons why a younger audience may aspire to be like her. The models on the contents page are effective. They are all at a similar age, which highlights the magazine is for a younger audience. The models are all smiling; this is welcoming and draws in the readers. On the double page spread, Sydonie presents an unusual facial expression. I believe this is effective as it looks mysterious and intriguing; it draws readers in and allows them to question why she looks this way.

I also attracted my audience through the models make up and clothing. On the front cover, Sydonie wears simplistic make up with a bright pink lipstick and a black long sleeved jumper. The use of mascara is effective as it brightens her eyes, drawing the readers in. The bright lipstick compliments the colour theme and also is a reminder of the female target audience. The use of a black jumper is effective as black is a mainstream colour therefore highlights the mainstream target audience. The models on the contents page are all wearing different clothing however it is not revealing. I believe choosing non-revealing clothing is effective because it is more mysterious and does not reveal anything about her which would make readers want to read the article. Choosing revealing clothing may have attracted a male audience. Sydonie wears a mesh dress on the double page spread. I believe this is effective because it is currently a fashion statement therefore mainstream audiences will recognise this. 

Thirdly, I attracted and addressed my audience through the colour scheme. My colour scheme consisted of black, grey, hot pink and very light pink. I believe these colours are effective because they compliment each other and are not over complicated; they stick with the overall idea of being simplistic and modern. The colour pink is stereotyped as a female colour therefore I believe it addresses my target audience well. 

My justification for only taking mid shot images is because I believe that following a theme throughout shows consistency and professionalism therefore only taking mid shots supports this. I also believe it captures emotion and facial expressions more this way.

My magazine has attracted it's audience through the simplistic layout of the magazine. When considering my 25 word pitch, I decided on a simplistic and modern theme. When sticking to this theme, I decided not to use too much writing throughout my magazine. I think this addresses my audience well because younger audiences do not enjoy reading as much as older ages therefore promotes the target audience well. 

I also attracted and addressed my audience through the features on the contents page. I used younger models to address my young target audience. I believe this allowed the audience to recognise this magazine was targeted to them (see evaluation activity 4). The models are presented attractively and positively through mise en scene and editing. On my contents page, I used pull out quotes. I believe this is effective because the language used on the quotes is both formal and informal. This allows readers to identify that the quote is addressed to them in a less-formal way. This particular language may be used everyday by a lot of my target audiences therefore I believe this would address them. I provided a pink colour scheme for my contents page. I believe this attracted my female audience as pink connotes and symbolises females. I have also used celebrity names to attract my audience. I believe this is effective as the audience would recognise their names. 'Kate Moss', 'Hannah Montana', 'Cara Delevigne' and 'Miley cyrus' are all celebrities which have either been in the media recently or will have been known throughout the target audience's life's. I believe these chosen celebrity names indicate what genre of magazine I have created. Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne are models, therefore the public would be interested in their fashion tastes. Miley Cyrus is a pop artist. These names highlight my aim of having a music-fashion magazine. 

My magazine addresses it's audience through it's language. My language is both formal and informal. It is not too informal for the audience not to enjoy and to not understand. The use of formal language keeps the magazine professional. Using both formal and informal language highlights the audience I am trying to target. My audience profile friend Lizzie Flynn (she is apart of the mainstream fan girl group) says she would be satisfied if a magazine she read used both formal and informal language as it is not too informal for her to not understand but formal enough for the language to feel like it is addressed to her. I believe this opinion is important because it ensures I am addressing my target audience. 

Lastly, the language register of my magazine is both a formal register and a casual register. I have challenged the formal register because I wanted to also ensure my article felt personal and appealing to my target audience as well as being formal so it looked and sounded professional. I used a mixture of formal and informal language for this. This is because I wanted the readers to recognise the magazine was suited to the mainstream target audience before readers read the article. 

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